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Global Reach providing VoIP services to thousands through its partners
Class 4/Class 5 Hybrid Telecommunications Switching Systems
Best of breed SIP/TDM interconnection
Unique Fraud Prevention Systems

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Switched Telecommunications Networks
End User Management Systems
Fraud Prevention Systems
Enrollment and Provisioning Systems

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Call us: 865 573 5299

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iqVoice is a global turnkey solutions provider, with focus on VoIP communications systems, services and solutions, commercially made available through partners in carrier and enterprise markets. At the core are our Class 4/Class 5 Hybrid Switched Telecommunications Systems, powerful, robust and secure – designed to respond to the needs of a rapidly changing communications landscape.

IqVoice is the foundation on which partners build quality, user-responsive and reliable communications services. Its Three-Point Approach to development ensures that it is looking forward and working to lead and not merely follow trends. Breakthroughs set it apart, and map how iqVoice has become the preferred telecommunications turnkey solutions provider. Know More